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10 Week Home WorkOut Plan Which Will Definitely Help You Burn Fat

Everybody needs to exercise, including you. Doing exercise is crucial, and you must find time to do it, regardless of your schedule and your hectic lifestyle. However, the most difficult part of all is starting. This program which lasts for 10 weeks and which does not require any equipment is going to help you build your muscles and burn fat. Nevertheless, we are going to begin with explaining some of the exercises from this plan.

  1. Crunches

You need to lie down on the ground and your back needs to be flat. Raise the legs, and make sure they are at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. Make sure your hands are crossed in front of the chest or you need to place them behind the head. You need to leave a space of a fist between the chest and the chin. The belly buttons needs to be brought in the bottom of the spine. In the end, sit up till your chest or elbows touch your knees. You shouldn’t use your leg, neck or back muscles. Exhale while you are sitting up and inhale while you are lying down.

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Place your feet a bit wider than the width of the shoulders. Your hips need to be above the knees and they need to be above your ankles. Your spine needs to be neutral and your shoulders rolled back. Your arms need to be straight out and the palms need to be faced down. You need to start by unlocking your hips and moving them backward while bending the knees. When your butt begins to be noticeable, and your body and back need to remain straight. Also, your head needs to be straight and faced forwards. Make sure to go as down as possible.

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Stand a couple of inches apart keeping your back in a straight position while looking forward. Then, step forwards with one of your feet and make sure to bend your knee till it reaches a 90 degrees angle. Your front knee needs to be directly under your ankle and should pass the toes once you perform the lunge. Next, return the foot to starting position. This counts as one repetition.

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You need to place yourself into a position for a plank and place your hands directly on the floor, below your shoulders. Your back needs to be flat. Bend at your elbows, keeping your back horizontal and making sure that your butt does not rise or dip. While you drop, you need to push your elbows closer to the body and drive the shoulders backwards. The core needs to be kept engaged while you are going back to starting position.

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We have covered the basics, so it is time to get into the ten-week program. You can do this anywhere.



Written by Valentin Bosioc

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