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3 Quick And Easy Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga to release the pain!

The sedentary lifestyle and prolonged hours of sitting have become a norm in the contemporary world. Also, the stressful commute to workplaces and the bad postures which come with it have complemented the issues of back pains and spasms.

As a result, neurologists, spine specialists, and physiotherapists are today thronged with lots of patients suffering from severe back and spine problems.

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Medicine and curative measures are surely not the most viable means to treat such conditions. Hence we need to look for some preventive ways to treat these.

The Indian practice of Yoga has been rediscovered recently and has been found to have the answer to the riddle.

The yogi way of living considers the human spine as the center of the body and, at the same time, the center of the universe. That’s why yoga practitioners pay due attention to spine’s well-being.

Over the years of it being practiced and mastered by Yogis in the country, has given it a diverse set of postures or asana. These yoga postures bring curative relief as well as a preventive form to the spine and back.

Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain Relief

These 3 yoga poses for lower back pain relief take you through this old practice of yoga that helps you maintain a healthy and supple spine.

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A) Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

In the first yoga pose you need to imitate the posture of a tree with your body:

  • Begin with bringing your feet together and standing straight, facing forward. This is the starting position.
  • Slowly inhaling fresh air into your lungs, bring your hands from the vicinity of your thighs to a swan dive upwards into a namaskar posture overhead.
  • While doing the swan dive up, lift up your feet to stand on your toes. Hold this position.
  • Slowly bring your hands down while exhaling from your lungs to come back into the starting position.

The inhalation is extremely crucial for this pose, as the blocked air helps put pressure on the muscles supporting the lower vertebrates of your spine, and in turn, makes them stronger.

These muscles play an important role in making sure your spine stays erect and negotiates the jerks in postures it faces during the day to day activities.

B) Shoulder Pose (Kandharasana)

The Shoulder Pose is achieved by lying down flat on the floor, or on a yoga mat.

  • Bring your knees slowly in a bent position close to your hips and hold the ankles tight with your fingers. In this position, create a tension which is comfortable enough to lie down and tough enough to keep your back straight.
  • Inhale a deep breath at this point and hold it, while raising your buttocks up so that the back and the spine arches upwards.
  • Hold this position and then come back to the resting position.

The correct posture for this asana can be achieved by striving to touch your chest to your chin, all while holding the breath. Also, you need to push your belly and the chest upwards in the air. This brings a healthy pressure to your lower back.

C) Hare Pose (Shashankasana)

The final move begins in vajrasan, wherein you should sit with your hips on your legs in an equilibrium of balance.

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  • With a massive inhalation, bring both your hands up in a swan dive up and bend forward to have the forearms on the ground.
  • Try to maintain the sitting posture as it is throughout this endeavor.
  • The head and forehead should stay next to your knees as you hold the position for a few seconds.

These yoga poses for lower back pain relief are really simple and don’t involve a high degree of flexibility.

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Everyone can perform these moves in the comfort of their own home. Simple, easy and efficient – that’s yoga.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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