4 Habits to Keep Your Marriage Emotionally Healthy

Failing to connect emotionally can disturb a healthy marriage. The difference between happily married and unhappily married couples is their emotional connection. But what can you do to ensure that your marriage is emotionally healthy? Here are a few habits that you need to develop:

1.    Respond to what your partner says

Listening to your partner is one of the basic foundations of a happy marriage. It means you are paying attention to what he/she is saying. Listening and responding doesn’t mean you have to leave everything you are doing to pay attention. Even while you are watching a game or cooking in the kitchen, you can be mindful of what your partner is saying. Acknowledging the conversation is a habit that you need to learn. If your partner is talking and you don’t respond, he/she will think that you don’t care about what they say. This can escalate into something much bigger, ultimately leading to emotional disconnection.

2.    Be affectionate

Don’t miss any opportunity to show your affection to your partner. Simple things like holding hands, cuddling, and kissing are opportunities to get closer. According to The Normal Bar, married couples who have a great sex life are often emotionally healthy. 

Remember that strong sexual desire you had for your partner after meeting in dating sites like LOveSita or after that memorable first date in Paris? This desire seems to fade over time, and it’s not always because of a third party affair. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to show your love and affection, but it’s something that you need to do if you want to keep your marriage alive for years. 

3.    Express appreciation

A little appreciation can go a long way to keeping your marriage emotionally healthy. It doesn’t always have to involve bringing a bouquet or gifting something to appreciate what your partner did. The objective here is to make your partner aware that you know what they are doing, and that you acknowledge their actions. You can also keep a note of some of the things that your partner appreciates like going on a walk in the evening, texting during work to know the status of the meeting and other small things that make your partner happy.

4. Don’t hide stress

Almost everyone goes through a stressful day when they are at work. But when you come back home, you shouldn’t stay mum about it. Talk to your partner; share the reasons why you had a stressful day. Even if he/she is unable to find a solution to your work problems, you know you have someone to talk to. This feeling of having someone to speak with at home is crucial once you are married. Hiding stress will only make your partner feel that you don’t find him/her capable enough to understand your problems.

Marriage is a bonding between two souls. And, the souls need to connect emotionally more than anything else to stay healthy. These four habits may bring you closer to your partner, and before you know it, you’re not working as hard as before just to keep the marriage going happily.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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