6 Types Of Body Fat And How To Get Rid Of It

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The thing about obesity is that it’s not just a black and white issue, there are a million shades of gray which complicate things and make it harder for us to understand it! Obesity can happen as a result of a number of reasons which is why there are a number of ways in which you can treat it and resolve the problem.

That’s why some methods work for some while not for others, that’s why your friend was able to shed that extra weight with that diet but you couldn’t drop a pound doing the same things.

This was even backed by science, confirmed by a recent Yorkshire Health Study. They examined a group of 4,000 obese adults and managed to divide them into six distinct groups.

  • Young healthy females – obese women who generally had fewer obesity-related complications, like type 2 diabetes
  • Heavy-drinking males – just like the previous group but with higher alcohol intake
  • Unhappy and anxious middle-aged – this group was mostly consisted of women with poor mental health and wellbeing.
  • Affluent and healthy elderly – overall in good health, but with symptoms of higher alcohol intake and hypertension
  • Physically sick but happy elderly – elderly suffering from more chronic diseases, like  osteoarthritis for example but in good mental condition
  • Poorest health – a group of the most economically deprived with the highest number of chronic diseases

The findings and conclusions from this study are essential to understanding the underlying causes of obesity because understanding what caused it in the first place can shed light on how we can defeat it. This is a major breakthrough in obesity treatment, but there still a lot of research needed to further confirm these findings.

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You may think that the pictures above, have nothing to do with this study but the truth is that understanding where one holds weight is crucial to losing it as well.

There are two types of body fat distribution: Android and Gynoid

PositiveMed defines these terms as:

“An ‘android’ fat distribution pattern is so called because more men than women exhibit it. You may have heard it described as an ‘apple’ body type when the waist circumference is greater than that of the hips.”

“A ‘gynoid’ distribution is most commonly seen in women. This is what many call the ‘pear’ body shape. In this pattern, hip circumference is greater than waist circumference.”

And here are the 6 major types of body fat and the best way to get rid of it:

  1. Upper Body Obesity (Android)

This is linked to a high food intake and low exercise level. You should cut back on the sweets, and start exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. If you still can’t lose the weight you should consult a professional.

  1. Stomach-Centered Obesity (Android)

If you have extra weight in this area it’s linked to stress, depression and anxiety.  The best way to resolve this problem is by trying some pairing exercise and relaxation techniques

  1. Lower Body Obesity (Gynoid)

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Most women deal with this problem. This area is quite difficult to melt away, so if you need help don’t hesitate to consult a professional. Try some exercises that incorporate lower-body resistance training, paired with cardiovascular workouts. These are essential to eliminating the fat in this area.

  1. Swollen Stomach Obesity (Android)

You’re probably having problems with excessive alcohol consumption and/or respiratory problems. You should reduce your alcohol intake and try out some breathing exercises. Proper breathing is an entire torso exercise.

  1. Lower Body Obesity that Includes Lower Legs (Gynoid)

Lower body obesity is a common problem for pregnant women. Your legs may be swelling. If you have the opportunity, try water aerobics. It will take the pressure off the leg and feet joints. Sit with your feet raised whenever you can.

  1. Large, Protruding Stomach with Upper Back Fat (Android)

Much like type one, this type of obesity is caused by physical inactivity. Exercise is crucial but you should also keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. You shouldn’t starve yourself and spend long time without eating. Eat regularly but smaller meals.


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