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Are you an individual who is dedicated to maintaining an excellent fitness level? Do you practice all kinds of sports, on a regular basis? If you have provided an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs below, you will be able to find some of the best fitness guidelines for sporty people. Use these to keep yourself motivated and reach your training goals in a shorter period. And, remember, you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to!

#1 Workout routine & objectives

Physical training is pursued two common reasons, meaning to lose weight and to gain muscle mass. If you are looking to lose weight, you cannot engage in exercises that lead to muscle mass development. You need to try a fat burning exercise or several until you reach the desired weight. As a next step, you can opt for a workout routine that allows you to gain lean muscle mass. It is also important that you vary the exercises within a particular method so that you remain motivated and reach your training objectives.


#2 Supplements

If you are serious about maintaining a high level of fitness, you should also consider taking supplements. For example, you can take Phenocal, a weight loss supplement which is guaranteed to help you look and feel amazing at the same time. These weight loss supplements are often made with natural ingredients, such as green tea and other herbs; they also increase your energy levels, allowing you to power through intense workouts.

#3 Eat after each workout 

After an intense workout, your body needs fuel, to properly recover from all that effort. The post-workout meal is essential, and it is quite a big mistake to skip it; just because you have managed to burn an increased amount of calories, this does not mean you should not eat again. On the contrary, you have to eat, in order to help the muscles recover and refill your energy reservoirs. Make sure that your recovery meal includes both proteins and carbs, as these represent the right fuel for the body.

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#4 Body & mind 

If you ask any fitness fanatic how to exercise regularly, they will certainly draw attention to the connection between the body and the mind. It is not sufficient to go to the gym and just work through the routine, while your mind is busy with other things. You need to be there, at the moment and work consciously to achieve the real training objectives you have set for yourself. Your brain can help you power through the routine, allowing you to feel healthy and motivated at the same time.

#5 Cut yourself some slack

Whether your objective is to lose weight or to gain muscle, you should never be too strict on yourself. Do not set goals that are impossible to reach, as you will feel more tempted to quit. You are only human, and this is the main reason you should cut yourself some slack; pursue objects that can be attained and celebrate even the smallest achievements. The more successful you are, the more motivated you will feel; with goals that are feasible, you will work harder to achieve that big, ultimate goal. And you will have the satisfaction of having gone through the entire process, without quitting or taking a break.

#6 Tiny steps, small achievements

There are a lot of people who are constantly saying that the lack of time prevents them from engaging in physical exercise. Well, if you are serious about maintaining a high level of fitness, you will be able to find a couple of minutes to work out for a little bit. For example, a 2 minute ab workout is enough to keep those muscles active and working. Do not underestimate the power of physical exercise, no matter the duration for which it is performed. If you have a couple of free minutes, get moving, instead of spending more time behind the desk, in front of the computer.

#7 Avoid strict diets

While diets are perfect for those who want to lose excess weight, it is important to choose them wisely. Many of the existent diets are harmful to one’s health, especially those that have strict guidelines. Keep in mind that restrictive diets are most damaging, as they reduce the caloric intake all of a sudden. In turn, this leads to increased quantities of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol within the body have been associated with weight gain and obesity; moreover, those who present such changes are also at risk for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

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These are some of the best fitness guidelines you should take into consideration, especially if you are the sporty kind. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, you should consider making a change; the less you move, the higher the risk of life-threatening conditions. You need to engage in physical training on a regular basis, increasing your fitness level gradually. As a general rule, physical exercise is one of the best ways to maintain an excellent state of health; it has beneficial effects on mental health as well, reducing the risk of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

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