7 Best Ways to Cure Stomach Pains Right Away

Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Thinking about this article reminds me of younger me when my mom would give me warm water mixed with salt to soothing my stomach ache. I know it now as salt water solution and it sure did work.

Stomach pains are one condition you don’t want to have even though you must have experienced it in your lifetime. I am sure it was not a friendly thing to deal with. Most stomach pains aren’t something to worry about, it is something the doctor has a quick remedy for but when it comes it can be excruciating so I can understand why one would want to get rid of the pain.

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Sometimes it could be an ailment and in this case, it is advisable you see a doctor.

I still to this day use salt water solution to quickly fix my stomach pain. I also recommend to anyone in the same position but sometimes people prefer other options.

In this article, you will find seven (7) best ways to cure stomach pains right away. Read to the end and get a quick stomach ache fix. Anyone of the solutions can help soothing and relief you.

Best Ways to Cure Stomach Pains Right Away:

  1. Salt Water Solution.
  2. Visit the Rest Room.
  3. Compress with a warm bottle.
  4. Allow yourself Throwup.
  5. Ginger Solution.
  6. BRAT Diet.
  7. Medication Pill.

Salt Water Solution

This is one stomach ache medication that I have been using personally. I can tell you for sure that it is effective to fix your stomach pain quick using this method. Mix a teaspoon full of salt in warm water and drink, after some minutes.

Drinking the salt water helps to push all the waste in the body and also releases the toxin that may be harmful thereby relieving every form of ache in your stomach. Salt dissolved in warm water helps to improve digestion.

Visit the Restroom

Often times when the stomach aches, the solution is usually a simple need for a bowel movement, so visiting the restroom might be the best remedy at that time.

Before anything else or perhaps after you try the salt water solution you might take a few minutes to sit on the toilet seat, lean forward with your knees drawn up your chest. This allows your bowels to move without causing more stress or harm to yourself.

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Taking dung might just be the remedy you need to relief your stomach ache. However, you should try not to force the bowel movement by straining or pushing so as not to cause more harm, like haemorrhoids. If there is blood in your dung then see a doctor.

Compress with a Warm Bottle


Do you know that heat relieves stomach pain? Compressing a warm water bottle or heating pad on the stomach area affected can help relax the muscles and reduce the tightness causing it to ache.

In several minutes compress your stomach with a hot water bottle, electric heating blanket or microwaveable compress and watch the ache slowly disappear. Alternatively, you can fill a clean sock with rice or sand, microwave for a few minutes and use o compress your stomach.

The heat improves the flow of blood to the skin surface and transfers the perception of pain out of the body.

Allow Yourself Throw up

Stomach pains can be a way of telling you, you need to throw up. Your body might be trying to get rid of bacteria, viruses, or food which is causing irritation and the best solution is to vomit.

You can aid the throw up process by taking soda crackers. You will feel tired and dehydrated after vomiting, this is where you drink supplemented sports drink if you vomit more than once or you could take the good old salt water to rehydrate you and also rectify the stomach ache.

Consistent vomiting could indicate a more serious condition. This is where you should see a doctor.

Ginger Solution.

Ginger is the number one cure for everything from pain to nausea. It is an effective treatment for stomach upset.

You can take it in beverage form or in supplements. Try an all-natural ginger ale or chop up some fresh ginger root and make tea for drinking.


This is a diet that is made up of banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. It is a diet used to calm an upset stomach. Banana releases toxins that eliminate bacteria and any unwanted effect that causes cramps. The vitamins released in a banana can also be used to relieve stomach pain from not eating for a long time. Patriot Power Greens is the trustable name to lead you to heal that disorder as well.

Rice tea is one way to settle an upset stomach make. Parboil rice for a few minutes, say 15 minutes. Drain the water out and then add a dash of honey and then drink it warm. 

Toast is also a stomach ache remedy; all you need to make your stomach ache to relieve you is toast the bread so it’s burnt spread jam on it to make it palatable for your mouth feel.

Medication Pill

There are over the counter medications available for stomach pains. I am not saying you should rely on medications but a little pain reliever could be the possible solution to your cramp. You could follow Buffedd for additional tips.



Stomach pains come most when you don’t expect. It can be a deal breaker when you want to do or go somewhere important only for you to be held down by pains. 

The pain can be really excruciating I know, but it is better you remain calm or at least try, so you can carefully apply any of these seven(7) best simple methods to cure stomach pains right away.


However, it is always important to visit the doctor if symptoms persist.

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