7 Best Workout Routine for Building Muscle

Build More Muscle

Why build strong muscles?

There may be many reasons why you want to build strong muscles. Some may want to build muscles to have an attractive body while others may want to build strong muscles for some other reasons. Some people think that gaining muscle is only for having an attractive body, but this is a totally wrong concept. There are numerous benefits of building muscles. It helps to lose your weight, increase your strength, reduce the risk of injuries, and more.

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The study shows that low muscle mass is associated with the increased cardiometabolic risk. You can build muscles, regardless of your gender. Both man and woman may want to have an attractive body. However, it’s not an easy task to build muscles. You need to give your time and effort to build strong muscles. There are many products that promise to help you build muscles in no time, but most of the products are not effective.

The combination of healthy diet and regular workouts is the key to building strong muscles. You will get to know the 7 best workout routines in this article to help you build muscles.

7 best workout routine to build strong muscles

To build strong muscles, you need to follow a workout routine. Not all workout routines will work for you, which is the reason you should select the best workout routine for you. In this section of this article, you will have an option to choose the best workout routine for you from the 7 best workout routine.

1.    3 Day Full Body Routine

The first one in the list is the 3-day full body routine. This routine can be easily followed by the beginner too. It comprises of one-day workout followed by one-day rest. This routine allows the beginners to get familiar with the exercises, as they will be repeating the same exercises multiple times in a week. Moreover, this routine will allow them to rest as well because the level of strength among the beginners cannot be compared to the advanced lifters.

Although this routine seems simple, it will allow the beginners to quickly get used to the exercises to help them gain muscles at a reasonable pace.

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2.    4 Day Split

This workout routine can be followed by both intermediate and advanced trainers. In this routine, the upper body workout is followed by the lower body workout in the next day. It will effectively impact your overall muscles. This workout routine is a bit harder than the 3 Day Full Routine. You will be training more by following this routine, making you stronger in your lifts. However, it’s necessary to take a rest as well. You will be taking two days off to rest your muscles in this routine.

3.    The 5X5 Program

This program can significantly increase your strength and muscle mass. In this routine, you will be required to perform 3 major workouts that impact the major muscle group, and i.e. the upper body and the lower body. Each workout will consist of 5 sets, and each set should include 5 repetitions. You can add some isolated exercises if you want at the end of each set. However, it’s not a requirement.

In this routine, you will stimulate many muscle fibers each day. This will lead to a greater release of testosterone in your body. The study shows that lifting weight can increase your testosterone regardless of your age. For those men who are struggling with low testosterone, you can follow this routine.

4.    German Volume Training

This routine is a bit similar to the 5X5 Program, but the trainer is required to go for a higher set number. The repetitions may go up to 10 in this workout routine for each set. The major aim of this workout routine is to train two major muscle groups each day and alternating it over the period of 3 days a week.

You can experience quick results if you follow this routine. However, you should consume foods with high calories to support the volume.

5.    The FST-7 Training Program

The FST-7 Training Program is gaining popularity in recent days. There is no strict requirement to divide your body or to follow the set of exercises. The full form of FST is Fascial Stretch Training. The major objective of this training program is to stretch your fascia tissues. This tissue surrounds your muscles as well as your overall body. When you stretch this tissue, your muscle will start growing.

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For each muscle group, you need to perform seven sets of 15 reps for the final exercise. Make sure you keep the break short around 30 seconds between each set.

6.    Push-Pull-Legs Workouts

In this workout routine, your muscle is categorized based upon their function. There is a day allocated for each group of muscle. The muscles responsible for pushing are trained in a single day, and it’s followed by the pulling exercises and legs workouts in the next 2 days. Following this routine will help to enhance your sexual performance as well. You can try some of the top male enhancement pills if you want to experience a rapid growth in your sexual performance.

7.    Full Body Workouts

The final workout routine in the list is the Full Body Workouts. In this fitness routine, you will have one direct exercise for each and every muscle group, and i.e. chest, quads, shoulders, hamstrings, and back.


There is no doubt that the majority of exercises can help you stay healthy. The study shows that the regular workouts will not only enhance your overall health, but it will also make you smarter. However, the task of building muscle is a bit different. You need to follow the workout routine carefully to build strong muscles. If you properly follow the workout routine mentioned in this article, then you will see the results.

To see the result at a quicker pace, you can also consume some supplements, such as the Test Worx. This type of supplement can help you boost your energy, testosterone, and metabolism.

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  1. There are many reasons for muscle building – improved resting metabolic rate, increased strength, body transformation, and even enhanced bone strength, so glad you pointed that out! I always recommend to start with full body workout to build an excellent foundation and then as you progress start with splits, and it’s important to change your workout routine every 6 to 8 weeks. Building muscle is for all individuals, young or old, beginner or advanced.

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