7 Effective Tips for Healthy Eating These Days

Your health is your wealth. To maintain a good lifestyle, you should eat well and maintain your body. Food is an essential factor when it comes to good or poor health. Maintaining a good overall diet is not so easy these days, due to the growing ease of ordering fast foods over wholesome meals. However, you can ease up to it by following the seven healthy eating habits below.  

1. Eat many fruits

Fruits are afantastic source of essential vitamins and nutrients. For example, a banana is rich in fiber, which helps in the stomach lining. Oranges are a good source of vitamin C. the recommended quantity is a variety of five fruits for adults a day. An excellent way to achieve this target is to blend your fruits to a pulp. As they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  

2.Eat wholesome starch

Many people contemplate that starch contributes to more weight. This reasoning is counter-intuitive when looked at in a simplistic view. Protein has twice the fat quantity as compared to carbon. Furthermore, snacks like fries and crisps contribute to increased weight due to far used in frying them. The fat used increases the calorie content significantly. Eat brown bread or unpeeled potatoes. The amount of fiber is higher in whole meals, and you will feel fuller, longer. The recommended quantity of carbs is one-third a plate. 

3.Eat less salt.

Salt is a significant contributor to high blood pressure to many across the world. The effects of high blood pressure bring about other life-threatening conditions such as heart disease. To keep this condition at bay, reduce the amount of salt in your diet. A perfect way to gauge is to read the labels showing the contents of most snacks. A snack with over 1.5 grams of salt per 100 grams is bad for your health. An average size adult needs only about one teaspoon of salt a day. Additionally, most foods purchased already contain the salt we need or just about less. 

4. Eat the right amount regularly

When we say regularly, we do not mean frequently. Regular in this case means breakfast, lunch, and supper. However, make sure not to overeat and exceed your recommended BMI. Furthermore, skipping meals leads to people compensating from the previously omitted meal. This change usually contributes to overeating most of the times. In closing, you should also take the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. 

For more natural balance, vegetables should be in one half of your plate, a quarter of protein, and a quarter of carbohydrates. Also, add a fruit and a glass of water, and you will have a healthy eating habit. 

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5. Drink lots of water

Nutritionists recommend six to eight glasses of water daily. This number is on top of other meals we have during the day. Taking a bowl of soup or a cup of tea does not reduce the number of glasses of water necessary. Avoid sugary drinks such as soda even though they do count as water. Sodas contain lots of sugar and starch. You can exceed the recommended quantity of water intake especially if you are active or if it is a hot day. The whole point is to ensure you are not dehydrated.  

6.Don’t skip breakfast

Studies carried out show that breakfast helps people in losing weight. This point is counter-intuitive to some who believe in dieting as a means to lose weight. Actually, a wholesome breakfast lets you kick-start your energetic day. In turn, with more energy, you will have an active lifestyle good for your health. Nowadays, you will find most people reducing the amount of food taken in the morning and eat a lot at supper. Skipping a meal is terrible in the grand scheme of things since you should give your stomach some much-needed rest at night.

7. Maintain a healthy weight

Eat enough food daily to maintain a healthy weight. Your BMI should be within its limits if you want a fulfilling life. Many people are overweight, and they can get back in check by eating less and exercising regularly, as it should be. Remember not to reward yourself by adding more calories after exercise. Although it might feel good for a while, eating lots of calories after a workout obliterates all the hard work done. If compelled, then have a wholesome meal pointed out earlier

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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  1. good news…its new year i woukd like to stick to becoming a healthiee person by controlkinh my weight since i am obese…i hope your trainings will help me reach my goals,,though discipline ,motivation and torelance is what will help me achieve it

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