7 Ways Your Bathroom is Making You Sick

The bathroom is one of the worst places in the house where we tend to hide allergens, toxins and other nasty chemicals.

However, it might be all about cleaning, but still all these dirt happens. Virus, mold, bacteria and other irritants lurk in these places, and definitely would prevent you from being happy and healthy.

Pro Tip: Get a top rated toilet to prevent these diseases to an extent. A good toilet would definitely reduce the chances for getting sick through your bathroom.

1. Too much moisture

Building up moisture cause mildew, which ultimately leads to mold.

On the planet there are about 100,000 species of mold and the bathroom is one those favorable places to live. Standing water that is collected by surfaces should be dried off and keep ventilation maximum.

Dehumidifying your bathroom remains one of the best option for home
humidity removal as mentioned by

After shower you should run the ceiling vent fan if it is installed. A switch timer to ensure it runs for 20 minutes to vent air that is attracting mildew from outside can accompany this.

2. The wrong Fan

The bathroom fan should not be just venting or re-circulating air indoors and into the attic. A real exhaust fan is required which direct humidity and particles out entirely.

It is not recommended to vent damp spaces to the attic, as this will be conducive for mold to thrive and eventually spread to other areas in the house.

3. Cracked tiles and Icky Caulk

Shrunken, puckered, or missing caulk can cause water seepage into the wall cavity leading to wall failure or growth of mold.

On the other hand, a missing chunk of grout in a surrounding tub can lead to great water damage behind the tiles. This will cost you a lot to fix and the affected room is automatically unhealthy because of the filthy air you are likely to breath.

Molds regenerate by releasing spores, which can cause allergic reactions, like coughing, running nose, congestion of the head, itchy eyes, skin rashes and asthma. All these can be mild or severe reactions.

4. Asbestos

Mostly, this not expected especially those people with old vinyl floor. Asbestos is a big health threat, and if it is exposed or disturbed during renovation it is even worse.

Along with mold and lead, getting rid of this menace is a challenge. Asbestos is a mineral that is valued as having high tensile strength and resisting fire.

Aside from this, it can cause scarring of lungs, a condition referred to as “asbestosis”. The shard like fibers of the asbestos can also be inhaled and cause cancer. It was banned from being a building material back in 1972 but unfortunately it can still be found in the ceiling and floor tiles, plaster, insulation, caulk, mastic and other products.

5. Chlorine in water

This might be scaring, but it often happens. Our tap water contains chlorine. When we take a hot shower we are likely to breathe in vapors containing chlorine emanating from the steam of the shower.

The inhalation of these vapors can lead to asthma, fatigue, bronchitis, and both breast and bladder cancer. The solution is to install a water filter in the whole house to avoid exposure to airborne chlorine as you shower, or use a filtered showerhead.

6. Harsh cleaners

Cleansers containing ammonia and chlorine should be avoided. In cleaning, no under any circumstances should they be mixed. These can provoke cancer and irritate lungs and skin.

7. Too many chemicals

Grout cleaners containing chemicals should be avoided because they can burn the skin. A paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be made.

Mix them; let them sit for about 30 minutes before scrubbing and finally rinsing. This is the simplest method instead.

In conclusion, sanitize faucets where flu viruses and germs collect quickly.

A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution can wipe them down well and indeed general hygiene should be maintained.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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  1. This is very efficient tips. We need to take our bathroom very clean and healthy because we must need to use it daily basis. So it’s our mandatory responsibility. Thank you very much for sharing these great ideas.

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