8 Insane Workouts That Will Give You a Perfect Body

Having that perfect body will always be a dream that you would think about especially whenever summer, the beach season, comes.

The good news is that having a perfect body is possible! The bad news though is that you need to be up for the challenge to make it possible.

And yes, it’s not as simple as cutting little portion of your food and jogging once in a while. In fact, if you want to have that perfect body, you have to be insanely determined in your workout.

Men and women have different approaches they can take in forming the perfect body worth displaying on the beach.

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You would also need to consider a lot of factors before you start, including your schedule, the workouts that your body can take, and how hard you can go at it and workout.

There will be days when you will be incredibly sore and feel ankle pain, back pain, and all sorts of pain in your body. The key though is to remain motivated and focus on the goal you have along the road.

And to help you with that hellish journey, here are eight insane workouts you can do to help you have the perfect body you’ve always been dreaming of.

  1. Total-body Burnout Workout

This kind of workout is a combination of different exercises that can help you shape your body. This workout alternates from exercise to rest repeatedly. The entire workout is comprised of the following:

·         Dumbbell Lunge (3 sets)

·         Pushup (3 sets)

·         Rest (90 seconds)

·         Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (3 sets)

·         Ab-wheel Rollout (3 sets)

·         Rest (90 seconds)

·         Dumbbell Curl (3 sets)

·         Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3 sets)

·         Rest (2 minutes)

·         Plank (60+ seconds)

·         Dip (3 sets)

·         Rest (90 seconds)

For the push-up, make sure to keep your hands directly on your shoulders and keep your body straight, starting from your head’s back up to your hips.

Keep your elbows close to your body every time you lower your body and avoid tilting your head up or tucking it in every time.

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If its difficult for you to accomplish, widening the distance between your feet will greatly help your stability.

For your plank, try to tighten your core, squeeze your butt, and tuck your chin as you keep your position. Avoid lifting your head and letting your butt sag.

Planking is considered as one of the best ab workouts so you might want always to include it in your workout.

If you want to keep your workout on one exercise at a time, there are also some you can do that can help you build your perfect body.

  1. Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge is a simple task that involves strengthening your thighs and butt. It aims to tighten these areas of your body and keep them firm. Follow these instructions to do it:

·         Gently lie on your back

·         Make sure to put your feet flat on the floor

·         Keep your feet hip-width apart with toes pointing forward

·         Keep your knees bent

·         Slowly contract your abs

·         Lift your hips off the floor by pushing through your heels

For this exercise, you don’t need the best fitness guide to know what not to do. Only avoid pushing your hips too high that can compromise your back and get it away from the neutral position and never stop contracting your abs.

Wood Chop

Woodchop will require you to hold a dumbbell with both hands. Follow these steps:

·         Stand straight up with the dumbbells in your hands

·         Swing the weight up across the left shoulder to your right hip (Chopping movement)

·         Keep your arms straight

·         Bend your knees in a squat position

Repeat these steps for 8 to 12 times and switch sides. You can also use a weighted pulley machine if you don’t like using dumbbells.


Squats are popular exercises that focus on the development of your thighs and glutes. You can do the classic type of squat or the jumping squat. Follow these steps to accomplish the perfect squat:

·         Stand up straight

·         Position your feet hip-width apart

·         Keep your arms directly in front of you

·         Keep your chest tall

·         Squeeze your glutes

·         Gently squat down as deep as you flexibility allows

·         Do three sets of 15 repetitions

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For walkout, follow these simple instructions:

·         Keep your legs straight and your back flat

·         Start bending at your waste

·         Gently place your hands in front of you on the floor

·         Walk your hands forward to a plank position

·         Make sure to maintain a tight core

·         Walk on your hands back to standing position

·         Push your hips as high as you possibly can

·         Press on your heels whenever you walk on your hands

Leg Lifts

Besides these exercises, you can also try the simple leg lift. You can choose variations, but it is also perfect to start with the classic.

·         Position yourself on all fours

·         Make sure that your spine is in neutral position

·         Slowly lift one leg as high as possible without bending it

·         Make sure to squeeze your butt as your life

·         Do 15 repetitions on each side


Lunges are excellent exercises that can help you push towards the perfect body you’ve been dreaming of. There are several lunges you can consider, including:

·         Side Lunge

·         Reverse Lunges

·         Reverse Lunges with Knee Lift

·         Spider Lunge

·         Jumping Lunge

Single-leg Deadlift

And finally, to keep things interesting, you can always do the single-leg deadlift. Follow these steps to accomplish this exercise:

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·         Make sure to maintain a flat back

·         Keep your core tight

·         Make sure to distribute your weight on your planted leg evenly

·         Slowly raise on leg straight behind your

·         Keep your toes pointed downward as you bend forward at your hips

·         Gently bend as slow as you can

·         Slowly pull you back to a standing position

·         Make sure to keep your head neutral

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These are the great exercises you can do to have that perfect body. Combine and mix them as much as you can to achieve your goal!


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