8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks Tested, Here’s What Worked

Weight Loss Trends. What Works and What Doesn’t?

Taking Weight Loss Supplements: Research has proven that there is no way to substitute frequent exercise and healthy eating with supplements. Buying weight loss supplements is equivalent to flushing your money down a drain. They are a great addition, but there is no supplement out there that can make you lose weight without exercise and healthy eating.

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They are meant to supplement an already healthy diet and training program, not replace it. Furthermore, these supplements will take time to take effect. The verdict behind this tip is that you should avoid the weight loss supplement section in a health food store. All the ingredients you need are in your kitchen.

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Eat Less Calories: This tip depends on your eating habits. If you are constantly overeating, than yes you should eat fewer calories. But it can also be dangerous when fewer calories are going in than out. You may see a reduction in weight loss; it can also put a lot of stress on the body.

Not only will this weaken your metabolism, but it can also weaken your digestion system and slow your pulse and thyroid function. The verdict behind this tip is try not to focus on the amount of calories you are consuming. Focus more on the type of food you’re eating and the ingredients it contains.

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Listen to Your Cravings: You’re cravings may be constantly trying to tell you something you’re not realizing. If you are having fat cravings, it means you are consuming enough healthy fats. If you are getting salt cravings, it could mean that you have adrenal fatigue.

Your glucose levels are what generate energy. So when you have sugar cravings, it could mean that you either have too much glucose, or not enough. If you are constantly stressed, you may crave chocolate. Chocolate contains magnesium, and magnesium deficiency is generally related to stress. If you can learn what each craving means, this tip can be very beneficial.

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