Back Injuries: the Causes and the Treatments Available

Back pain is a frequent dilemma for many Americans. It is, in fact, the top reason people are absent from their work and visit a doctor. But, while back pain can be excruciating, it’s not usually a severe condition.

There are several reasons why back pain is so uncomfortable. It is often a result of an accident. To better understand this topic, let’s get familiar with the causes and treatments available for back pain.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

Remember that back pain has remained a typical complaint of many, which is why understanding its causes can help you avoid some circumstances that cause it in the first place. The human spine is a structure of disks, ligaments, bones, and tendons, and problems with these can cause back pain. Below are some of the more common problems:

1. Muscle Strain

Back pain occurs when you have strained muscles and strained ligaments. Take note that lifting heavy objects improperly and moving awkwardly increases the likelihood of having strain after a full activity.

2. Structural problems

When we talk about structural problems, the following can cause back pain:

  • Disk injuries – Your disks are tissue areas that support each space between your vertebrae. If these disks are ruptured, you’re more likely experience back pain.
  • Osteoporosis – The thinning of the bone and a loss of bone density can fracture your vertebrae, and as a result, lead to back pain.
  • Scoliosis – This is considered one of the abnormalities of the skeleton whereby there’s a contracting of the spinal canal because of arthritis.

While there are many other causes of back pain, most of them are rare. Make sure to visit a doctor immediately when the pain has become so frequent that it doesn’t go away at all.

What Treatments Are Available for Back Pain?

In many cases of back pain, most of the pain and damage can be resolved without medical attention. You can opt for home treatments, but you must only do it with attention and care. If you’ve had back pain for quite some time, here are some of the best available treatments:

1. Medication

If back pain is unbearable, you can treat it with medication such as painkillers and other types of medicines. However, it’s worth to keep in mind that these medications should be prescribed first by your doctor to avoid some potential side effects.

2. Home remedies

Home remedies such as physical therapy can help alleviate the pain, allowing you to exercise to bolster the muscles at the back. A physical therapist can guide you in how to do these exercises. Also, ice packs and warm compresses can be used to help lessen the inflammation that makes the back pain more painful and uncomfortable.

3. Surgery

When your back pain seems to be very severe, you can rely on an operation as your last resort of treatment. Remember that it’s usually applied when you’ve become unresponsive with a series of medication and even physical therapies and other home remedies.

Back pain can significantly affect your life. Although most cases of this aren’t severe, the pain can still cause you a vast amount of emotional, financial and physical suffering especially if it was done at work. If you think your back pain is someone else’s fault, it’s vital you speak with a licensed personal injury attorney to help you with your workers compensation like the ones here who can determine your right to sue and get you compensated for the losses you’ve incurred.

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