Boost Your Brainpower and Focus Naturally with These 7 Foods You Should Eat


Eating well enhances your physical and mental health. But, which foods do you need to improve the health and functionality of your grey matter?

Whether you wish to stay sharp during your next task only, or you want to optimize your nutritional needs to boost your mental activity, you are bound to reap significantly by paying attention to what you eat.

Even though there isn’t that one food which can potentially prevent the symptoms and effects of age-related conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease alongside the prevalence of many medical conditions which increase the risk for poor cognitive health, there are foods which contain the right nutrients which can improve your cognitive health and performance.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet which contains the following seven brain-boosting foods may realize significant results concerning your concentration, memory, and focus.

1. Wild Salmon

Salmon makes a tasty delicacy, and it is no surprise that it tops the chart of the best foods. But there is more in salmon than taste; it is packed with fatty acids necessary for proper brain function and structure.

Even though fatty acids come in different types, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid type that helps to minimize cerebral inflammation, protect neurons from injury, produce neurotransmitters, and enhance the transfer of information through the axon.

As one age, their DHA levels fall significantly which results in mood disorders, memory loss, reduced brain volume, and cognitive decline. This is in line with findings from research which suggest that when your DHA levels fall, you are at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and memory loss.

2. Eggs

Forget the rumor that eggs can increase the levels of cholesterol in your body; in fact, research indicates otherwise, and eggs might even increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. The effect of eggs on your cholesterol levels is negligible.

Eggs are rich in folic acid, and vitamins B12 and B6. These elements are associated with the minimization of the levels of the homocysteine compound in the blood. When there are high homocysteine compound levels in the blood, one is at a higher risk of developing the Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment.

How does vitamin B12 associated with brainpower and focus? Well, recent studies show that low levels of vitamin B12 may trigger cognitive complications and brain shrinkage. Aging people with vitamin B12 marker blood levels are prone to reduced brain volumes and lower thinking skills. For individuals with mild cognitive impairment, vitamin B12 and B6 dosage-based interventions are thought to reduce brain shrinkage as compared to placebo treatment.

You may also include fish, chicken, or leafy vegetables in your diet for a sufficient supply of folic acid as well as vitamins B12 and B6.

3. Broccoli

How well have you mastered the nutritional benefits of broccoli? Well, the health benefits of this nutrient-rich food include its ability to prevent a cognitive deficit. This food contains high amounts of vitamin K which is associated with the improvement of brainpower and enhancement of cognitive function.

Consider the stunning argument in a study conducted in 2017 that broccoli contains a chemical sulforaphane which can significantly preserve the integrity associated with the brain-protecting barrier in the event of an injury.

Indeed, broccoli is critical in fighting cognitive decline which is triggered by aging. Broccoli contains retinal carotenoids which improve cognitive control.

There are high levels of glucosinolates in broccoli which enable this food to lower the rates of acetylcholine neurotransmitter breakdown. The central nervous system requires acetylcholine to function adequately and to improve the sharpness of our memories and brains. When the levels of acetylcholine get low, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increases.

4. Blueberries

If you have been suffering from short-term memory loss, then there is good news for you that blueberries aid memory performance.

As the Tufts University based in the United States confirms, eating strawberries and blueberries could provide an effective means of delaying or improving symptoms of short-term memory loss.

Blueberries not only enhance cognitive function but also improve blood flow to your brain. In the event of a cognitive test, blueberries are important as they help to activate the brain. The flavonoids present in blueberries in high amounts possess potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are associated with working memory improvement.

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5. Blackcurrants

How hard are you trying to fight anxiety and stress? Have you tried blackcurrants? Have you ever thought of their impact on improving your cognitive ability?

Blackcurrants contain vitamin C which is believed to possess the ability to improve your mental agility. As revealed by research, vitamin C deficiency could be a potential risk factor for brain degeneration through Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which are age-related conditions.

Particularly, New Zealand blackcurrants are thought to keep you mentally agile and young. This research finding implies that blackcurrants could play a significant role in the management of mental decline as a result of aging. Blackcurrants could also help in the treatment of brain disorders including depression, stress, and anxiety.

6. Coconut Oil

There is a reason why coconut oil is used for many uses. As one of the most versatile foods you could ever feed on, coconut oil has about 77 uses. Concerning brain functionality, you will find coconut oil to be full of benefits. In simple terms, coconut oil works as a natural alternative for anti-inflammation as it suppresses cells which cause inflammation. The food aids in memory loss due to aging.

The consumption of coconut oil has significant short-term benefits among dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients amid suggestions that the food only offers temporary relief. The effectiveness of coconut oil is thought to stem from its ketones enhance brain health which translates to better cognitive function.

7. Nuts

I love to savor nuts. This food contains nutrients that are vital for improved brain health. However, it is worth noting which nuts to go for in case you wish to improve your cognitive function. Literally put, all nuts are not created equal.

Consider this: walnuts are rich in DHA which enhances newborn brain health. On the other hand, hazelnuts and almonds are nuts known for their high vitamin E concentrations. The intake of vitamin E is linked with reduced cognitive decline especially among the elderly.

This assertion is backed up by research where higher nut intake is related to better overall cognitive function and offers an easily-modifiable intervention for public brain health problems.


In addition to the above foods and a healthy diet, it is important that you exercise regularly to enhance the sharpness and focus of your brain. Exercise is vital for the improvement of cognition and information processing while discouraging mental aging.

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Grab the above foods to improve your brainpower and focus.

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