Five Things to Consider Before Ordering an Online DNA Test

Our genes can tell us more about ourselves, from determining your relationship with others to providing information about common ancestors that you may share with others. It also indicates your ethnic lineages and validates your family tree, as you know it.

There are various types of DNA testing kits, that can help you but you have to use the right one depending on the information, you want to find out about yourself.

However, you should note that not all DNA test kits are the same. They usually offer different levels of accuracy, depending on their data source. 

Therefore, one may be appropriately useful than the other, depending on your family geographic origins as well as racial geneses. You can click here for more information on how to choose the best DNA test kit.

Nonetheless, even with this modern-day science and technology, things can go wrong anytime, and there is no better way to prepare for the results. For that reason, here are some top five things to consider before ordering an online DNA test.

  • Ensure You Are Prepared For the Information/Results

Genetics tell many things, some very frightening to your well-being and health. Therefore, before you even think about which DNA test kit to buy. Consider the repercussions, as some may give detailed information about your lineage and ancestors as well as some unexpected paternity.

You might also find that you are at risk for some disease, some of which may be incurable. This can only leave you distressed and afraid for your life and health. Likewise, some DNA test kits can also determine the genetic changes in BRCA genes, which may put you at risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

Some DNA interpretation tools can also derive raw data from your ancestors DNA tests and provide you with wide ranges of diseases that you may be at risk for. Therefore, consider if all that which is about to come due to your genetic testing is worth it before you continue.

  • Consider the Privacy of This Information

You will have to check the fine print to know what you have agreed to, before letting the company have data to your DNA results and related information.

You should note that some of these DNA testing companies do not always comply with the international guidelines on the privacy of information, use of genetic data and confidentiality. Some may keep the data indefinitely.

As much as you may request for their removal/deletion, not all companies are to be trusted on this. They may keep the data and even sell it to third parties, without your knowledge.

So try to understand the limits as well as risks to this fast-moving technology. Even though you have access to your own personal DNA code. Things always tend to bounce off track where medical technology is concerned, and you may no longer be in control of anything that is yours.

  • Understand the Limits of What Is Possible With DNA Tests

Since there are no regulations on this subject to protect you and other consumers. It is always wise to consider the evidence behind the claims the DNA test kit has provided.

As much as some companies list the claims behind their science, others may not. Therefore, consider their credibility as well as how they rate when it comes to DNA testing.

Note that DNA tests are useful when you want to, accurately count family ancestry, kinship, and not wine preference, and feet of soccer kids, as that would just be a joke and wild fantasy out for your money.

  • Consider the Medical Follow-Up You May Need

Given the results you have discovered, you may need professional interpretations as well as genetic counseling that ordinary general practitioners and genetic clinics may not be able to offer you. This is because the information may be complex and hard to interpret, even for you and your loved ones.

Therefore, it is only advisable to check if the DNA test company offers any after-test and results medical advice and services. If not be ready to wait in line in the public genetic services or risk holding on to distressing results. Do not rely on the internet interpretations, as they are never legit.

  • Think About the Implications for Your Insurance

Life insurance firms can always use DNA tests against you, especially if you are at risk of greater illness. It does not matter if the scientific evidence behind the disease is solid or not. This is because you are required to disclose every genetic result even internet-based when applying for life insurance, travel insurance, disability and income protection.


Conclusively, always be prepared for what your genes have to say about you, past and future. The results can change your life forever, so be mentally prepared. You can also inform your family members before taking the test, for support and for the fact that the results are likely to affect them.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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