How to Give Your Puppy a Healthy Feeding Schedule

Many pet owners decide to feed their puppies free throughout the day while some choose an eating schedule. By putting your puppy on a healthy feeding schedule, you can help to maintain your puppy’s healthy weight. Also, this way promote a good attitude toward food. It’s easy to do this by feeding him controlled portions of food during meal times per day. Now, take a look at this post to learn more.

Determine Your puppy’s needs

Visit your vet before making any changes to the feeding routine. Your vet will help to assess your dog’s current health. Then, you will determine your puppy’s overall needs. In addition, your vet can give the best method to change his weight if needed.

There are some important factors to consider when determining his feeding schedules such as his age and size. If your pet is under 5 months old, you should feed him in smaller portions three times per day. And, if he is older, it’s best to feed slightly larger portions twice per day.

Look for the right dog food. It’s important to make a feeding schedule. At the same time, make sure the food you choose provide your puppy the essential nutrients. Also, it’s great to choose foods that minimize fillers like corn.

Provide your puppy clean and fresh water. Consider doing this all day. It’s best to put his water bowl I places which is accessible and refill whenever it’s empty. Don’t forget to use soap and hot water to clean your puppy’s water dish every 1-2 days.

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Introduce the feeding schedule

Determine the consistent times to feed your puppy. It purposes to make a healthy eating routine. The best simple way is establishing a consistent schedule. Make sure you can monitor your dog when feeding him. Also, avoid feeding him right before bedtime as well as nap time. Instead, you should feed him when eating breakfast and dinner.

By leaving your dog’s food down for an hour or more, you can determine the number of foods your puppy needs. But, you see your dog eats substantially less than the recommended serving, it’s time to visit your vet. She will give you recommendations to adjust his feeding.

Make your treats plan in order to keep your puppy on a healthy eating schedule. By this way, you can excess calories properly. Depending on the nutritional value of each treat, you can determine the number of treads your dog needs.

Follow this schedule. It helps to ensure to feed your puppy enough food. Monitor your puppy to make sure he is still active as well as healthy.

Transfer to an Adult Routine

When you decide to transfer from the old schedule to an adult routine, consult your vet. She will give you recommendations. Of courses, you have to make sure your puppy is healthy before making the transition. It’s also important to take your puppy to your vet for a wellness check during a year. Your vet may help you to establish a timeframe as well as the way for transitioning the food.

Now, your puppy has eaten three meals a day. Then, it’s time to switch to two meals if you want to transfer him to adult food. It’s best to adjust your puppy to a two meal per day. You can feed him the same overall foods. But, you will divide meals in the morning and evening instead of feeding him three meals a day. You can help your puppy start the transition thanks to scheduling an afternoon treat. We recommend you to leave the morning food bowl down longer a bit once he doesn’t eat the whole foods.

Transition the food to a nutrient-rich adult food. This process has to occur gradually. You need to begin with a mixture of one part adult food with three parts puppy food. This helps your puppy get acclimated. Next, transition gradually until he can eat a full bowl of adult food. You may not know a gradual transition can be able to cause your dog’s gastrointestinal distress. Last, you need to bath your puppy more frequently. Also, you can make the training pads available.

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