Importance of Workouts – 7 Best Workouts to Get into a Perfect Body


Chances are if you want to get your body in shape for the brand new year, you’re probably reading this article.  But don’t worry, we have you covered!  We want to help you reach your goals and achieve weight loss that keeps the weight off.

It’s so easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits just because you want to lose the weight now, which is why we’re going to show you exercises you can do that will make a difference in your body, the healthy way.

Combine these exercises with your fitness routine and add in a healthy diet, you will have everything covered.  You will have made the critical lifestyle switch that puts your health and happiness first, not just your body image.

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When you take advantage of a healthy and balanced diet with strict exercise routines, you will slim down and tone up your body.  You will be doing what works for you and how your body needs to lose weight to be a healthy balance.

You will feel a boost of confidence when you start taking care of yourself, so let’s not wait anymore and get started on the article!  Are you ready to learn critical exercises that will turn your life around for the fresh new year of 2018? Everything from the best cardio workouts to toning exercises, here we come!

1. Running

Cardio is a form of exercising you can almost do with any workout; it means that you’ll be raising your heart rate and bringing it down over and over again.  This pushes your body out of its comfort zone and will help you burn more calories in less time. Running is a crucial component of any workout.

When talking about running, if you were running on the treadmill you would amp up the speed for a moment then bring it back down, don’t be afraid to mix it up.  This gives your whole body a workout, and you can repeat the process.  This will even work for simple ab workouts, because of your core strength being exercised in the cardio intensity.

2. Weight Lifting

If you are going to focus on cardio workouts to slim down, you also need to balance your exercise with weights so you can tone your body. Plus many people don’t understand that weight lifting will put on lean muscle, making you lose weight and look smaller than you were before.  You are not going to bulk up if you don’t explicitly train for that.

3. Pushup

Pushups are found on some of the most top ten heavy workouts lists when it comes to bodyweight exercises you can add to any fitness routine.  This is a classic bodyweight exercise move you’ll often find in, a CrossFit fitness class, a workout that can always be challenging if you don’t master it.

Pushups quickly become a staple in the workout community because it seriously works.  It will help you tone and regain that sense of confidence through intense and aggressive body control. This fierce exercise will tone your arms, core, back, neck, and depend on different variations; you could also extend that toning to your legs as well.

 Feel free to modify this important exercise to your liking; there are so many different ways to change the way you use this activity in your workouts. You could alternate hands, legs, and even use added weight to make your pushup more of a challenge.

4. Side Lunge

A side lunge is a key way to tone your muscles by combining stretching exercises as well as high intensity muscle toning as well.  To do a side lunge properly you need to stand with your feet together while you stand up straight.  You can hold your hands lightly clasped together and then step to either side of your body about 2 feet from where your foot was originally.

Repeat this process for your other leg as soon as you regain your starting position.  Focus on your breathing and balance.  Make sure your back stays straight during each operation of the exercise so you can train your core strength during the process of this exercise.

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5. Squats

This is a much more targeted exercise but should still be mentioned because of how important it is in the long run.  Squats will help you to tone up your entire lower body.  Not just your glutes or thighs, but your whole lower body.  Doing cardio and squats are also key to making sure you don’t start forming saggy skin. Exercises like squats will help you tone and stay confident.

6. Planking

This is another particular exercise you should always include in your workout routine.  It’s simple and helps to balance your whole body and your core strength. Planks will work your muscles, so they tone, while also helping to energize you to push yourself in your other workouts as well.

7. Wall Sit

Wall sits a great way to quickly incorporate some high-intensity body control intro your workout routine.  You can often use this workout when doing circuit exercises as well which will switch up the pace and give your raising heart beat a break, without merely letting it resume to a resting point.  

You will be surprised at how easily it will transform how you feel and perform during other exercises. All you need to do is lean your back flat against a wall and slide down until your thighs are in a sitting position.  Make sure you don’t slide too low because that can cause joint pain after time.  Hold the position for 60 seconds and continue with your workout!


Overall, all of these exercises should be incorporated and modified to fit your fitness routine.  Before you know it, you will be losing weight and feeling full of energy.  The more you push yourself to develop what makes you comfortable in the gym, the closer you will be to your 2018 goals!

What exercises will you be adding to your routine? Lets us know by sharing this article!


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