Mix THIS with fresh orange juice every morning to flush nicotine out of your body

It usually takes between 48 and 72 hours for nicotine to leave the body. That’s a really bad news for anyone who is trying to reduce cravings.

But fortunately, we have the cream of tartar, a byproduct of the winemaking process that completely removes nicotine from your body.

Moreover, a week of treatment with the cream of tartar will cost you one-quarter of the cost of a Nicorette pack.

Read on to find out more info about the cream of tartar and its numerous health benefits!


Cream of tartar is a powder that is technically known as potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is non-alcoholic sediment that comes from the bottom of a wine barrel. Here is a list of the health benefits of the cream of tartar.


Cream of tartar will not only help you remove nicotine from your body, but it will also make you dislike the taste of cigarettes. For everyone who is trying to quit smoking, the best way to consume cream of tartar is when it’s mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice.

The orange juice is important because it will significantly increase the levels of vitamin C in the body, which take a hit as a result of the chemicals in cigarettes. Vitamin C also provides extra help in the process of nicotine removal.

This source claims that you will quit smoking if you drink a medium glass of orange juice with half a teaspoon of cream of tartar every night for 30 days.


100 grams of cream of tartar contains 2 milligrams of magnesium – a mineral that according to Dr. Sircus “modulates cellular events involved in inflammation.” Or in other words, the cream of tartar has the ability to reduce arthritic pain.

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According to experts you should add 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt to your bathtub, then fill it with warm water. Soak in the water for 40 minutes, then rinse with clean water. It is recommended to repeat this once or twice a day.


According to other specialists, the cream of tartar helps treat urinary tract infections by altering the pH levels of the urine. This creates an environment that removes the bacteria responsible for the infection.

Stir in 1 and a half teaspoons of cream of tartar into a cup of warm water, then add a few drops of lemon juice. You should drink this mixture 1-2 times daily.


In one article, Theodora Pennypacker stated that cream of tartar is a fantastic acne-fighting, cleaning agent for your skin due to its powerful acidic properties. But, instead of applying the cream directly to your face, you will need to drink a mixture made up of 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 8 ounces of water or orange juice. It is recommended to consume this every day and, with time, the mixture will eliminate the toxins and bacteria that have caused acne.

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People who have low potassium levels in the body are at much higher risk of developing high blood pressure problems. But luckily for all of us, the cream of tartar can solve this problem too.

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100 grams of the cream contains a huge 16,500 milligrams of potassium. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should visit your doctor to find out whether potassium deficiency is the cause of your problems. If so, you should drink a mixture of cream of tartar and a glass of water every night.

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