Motivation & Sports: How To Keep Your Motivation!

In regards to sport, the scope we all have in common is to become a better version of ourselves (stronger and healthier) and better looking as well.

In one word: self-improvement. The main ingredient for performance is mental force, without which the progress would be impossible.

A few tips & tricks to achieve a good motivation, would be:

– People who already achieved performance and their success stories;

– Visual elements: before/after photos, goal photo;

– Strong playlist (the rhythm and message of the music influences your workout);

– Find your motto and respect it;

– Keep a training journal;

– Start and respect a healthy nutrition plan;

– Surround yourself with positive people;

– Have a workout partner whom you can challenge yourself with;

– Workout with a personal trainer;

– Train correctly;

– Rest well;

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We have to think about our health and the fact that a longer life means a longer period spent with our family and loved ones. For starters, we can begin with small steps and real objectives. I believe that when people are registering a good progress towards their objective, they feel good and that inspires them going forward. As mentioned above, after a set of health checks we can find out where we are, where we can start from and where to arrive.

The most important part is Nutrition. What we eat, affects in a positive/negative way our health. You can’t train efficiently by eating bad, you will never achieve your goals with a wrong diet, so, take your time and think if what you eat, helps you or not. Food is our fuel, but also a factor which keeps our health in good parameters. A good alimentation can keep you off medication, the choice is yours.

You have to be realistic in regards to the frequency of your workouts. If you’re a beginner, do not force yourself to arrive at the gym 4 times a week + swim 2 times. You can start slowly and, when your small actions will become habits, you can add some new ones and so on and so forth.

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The same with water, maybe you can’t force your body since the beginning to drink 2L a day, but increase the quantity each day and it will become a habit and a necessity your body will require. If you’re tired or do not have the energy for a certain workout, change your plan for that day. If your shins hurt, give up on cycling that day. Listen to your body and adjust your program based on what it requires.

A sedentary lifestyle is considered a major risk factor which affects the health status and favours the aging process. Physical activity plays an important role in preventing the above, plus some affections as: heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, etc. You need to find something that you like doing: dancing for example. Or, as a first step for a sedentary person, walk more. Skip the bus and walk the way. Or get a bike. Do more of the simple things of our day to day lives. Take the stairs more!

A good method to keep your motivation up is to remember the benefits from your work. Do you want to change something for you? How bad do you want it? If your answer is a firm one then you’re not lacking motivation. Going to the gym, working hard, have nutritive meals each day, rest well, refuse some temptations, all these things will become in time as natural as breathing, let’s hope so. Regularly making sport will not only improve your health, but your physical appearance also, level of energy and social interacting as well.

Please don’t forget about the mental benefits also: boost of confidence, strength in any way you wanna see it, powerful weapon against depression, anxiety and stress.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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