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Why You Should Eat Spicy Food

Why You Should Eat Spicy Food
Why You Should Eat Spicy Food

Spicy food may have a surprisingly positive effect on your health. Here is why you should incorporate spicy ingredients into your daily meals!

Many spicy foods can help your body fight against the worst diseases and can improve your overall health. Besides this, they are a great way to add some flavour to your recipes. No matter if you choose chili, cayenne pepper, jalapeno or turmeric, it’s important to add spices to your dishes (only if you don’t suffer from a diseas that doesn’t allow you to consume it!) Here is why you should eat more spicy ingredients!

1. Reduce food cravings. Many studies have shown that people who eat spicy ingredients have fewer cravings for salty, fatty, or sweet foods. In this way you’ll have more control over your weight and you’ll also speed up your metabolism. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper in your lemon water and you’ll burn more calories throughout the day.


2. Boost the immune system. Most of spices have very powerful antibacterial properties and are considered to be natural antibiotics. By consuming ’em daily you’l give your body the power to fight against foreign invaders.

3. Spicy foods can reduce inflammation. It’s also known that many spices have the ability to reduce inflammations due to their high phenolic content. They will also reduce swelling, pain and physical discomfort. Try to consume spicy foods if you suffer from arthritis or headaches and you’ll feel much better.

4. Spicy foods can prevent cancer. Cancer is a horrible disease and affects more and more people every day. Fortunately, many studies have found that spices like curcumin have a positive effect on slowing breast cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer, as well as others. The compound called capsaicin (which can also be found in hot peppers, like jalapeños and chilis) can block the cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

5. Reduce bad cholesterol. Capsaicin can also reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and the blood pressure.


Be careful with spicy ingredients if you have stomach problems and ask your doctor if you can include ’em in your daily diet. Some people may not be able to consume such foods.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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