The Pros and Cons of Workout Programs When Trying to Get Fit

There are multiple ways to get a nice and fit body, be it for health reasons or you have an upcoming event and you want to look good. You can implement dietary changes, take weight-loss supplements, or undergo medical procedures. However, the most popular method nowadays is doing workout programs.

A lot of celebrities and online bloggers and influencers have vouched for the effectivity of physical exercise and following weight loss workout programs. However, it’s important to understand that although one program worked for one person, it might not be the most effective means for you to get fit. Not only that, but without careful consideration of both its pros and cons, you might potentially put yourself in danger.

Before you try out a workout program, you may want to consider the various advantages and disadvantages of participating in one when trying to get fit.

Workout Programs: Will They Really Work For You?

What’s perhaps the most interesting aspect of workout programs is the fact that there are different types of workout programs to choose from. This is because a lot of programs and routines are designed to target different aspects of the body and for different purposes. Strength training, cardiovascular training, acrobatics, sports, and martial arts are just some of the options you can choose from; each type has a different objective and different effects.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Weight lifting: This is one of the most popular fitness programs available, especially when it comes to people who want to build body mass. Using weights to add pressure and stress to muscles motivates them to grow.
    • People may like weight lifting especially if they want to improve their endurance and strength and to avoid age-related muscle loss. It is also good for bone density maintenance.
    • However, it’s interesting to take note from the start that weight lifting alone won’t really help you get the body you’re looking for. You should practice good form and technique to avoid injuries and muscle imbalances. 
  • High-intensity interval training: This is a trend that has taken off in the past few years because of its strong scientific backing. HIIT combines moderate- and low-intensity recovery periods with extremely high-intensity fitness routines. These include 30 seconds of recovery with 30 seconds spurts of intense movement.
    • If you have periods of recovery, HIIT can really push you to your limits. This type of exercise allows you to gain maximum fitness benefits and lets you maximize your time even if you train for a short period of time.
    • HIIT is a great program to follow, but it’s not always for beginners. While it’s great as a workout program, it’s not enough to just rely on HIIT. You need to ensure that your body is receiving regular and moderate training.
  • Long and slow training: In contrast to HIIT, this kind of training emphasizes long durations of training. This is extremely helpful for those who just want to have an “active” lifestyle, which can equate to doing a lot of things during the day.
    • This is very achievable by everyone and is a great option for beginners who would want to do moderate-intensity training at first. This exercise involves low risks and improves endurance over time.
    • However, this isn’t a very good means to maintain or improve your fitness. You need to start moving towards higher-intensity workouts to see improvement in your physique.
  • Outdoor obstacle courses: These tend to be extremely popular regardless of whether or not you’re a fitness enthusiast or not. This is a fun activity too, especially if you want to imagine yourself training for alien attacks or in the army. It can get your adrenaline pumping.
    • People love these exercises because they introduce you to something different, and it does require you to use all of your body to get through the various challenges. Doing this with friends adds a layer of excitement, too.
    • However, people don’t necessarily have the patience and the budget to participate in these outdoor obstacle courses to the point of making this a regular routine. It’s also inconvenient and messy, as it involves activities such as wading through freezing-cold water, rope climbing, and crawling in mud.

The Takeaway: Choose a Fitness Program Fit for Your Needs

Always take fitness programs with a grain of salt. Make sure the ones you’re doing are recommended to you by certified trainers and professionals. Not everyone has the same kind of body, which means these exercises will have different effects on you. It’s better to be safe than work out at the risk of injury.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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