The Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy and Fit for Athletes

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Being healthy and fit rocks; it is an essential factor for superior performance and success of every athlete in the field. It all starts with a well-built body, robust mind, and healthy eating. These three factors help an athlete to live a healthy lifestyle and consequently become a force to reckon with through outstanding performance. The first and perhaps the most challenging step towards achieving healthy living is adopting good eating habits.

However, developing commendable feeding practices doesn’t happen overnight; it is a progression that begins with a single step. For instance, an athlete could start by regulating their liquid intake. It is vital to take at least eight glasses of water daily to help in the removal of harmful substances from the body, a contributing element to an athlete’s overall health. The following are some healthy eats for athletes that can help them with boosting their field performance including enhanced speed, better recovery from injuries, and of course attaining well-built muscles.

Beetroot Juice

The red root vegetable has been found to be very effective in enhancing energy, which helps with improved endurance during workouts. Beetroot juice affords the sportsperson incredible energy and endurance that can hardly be acquired even through intensive training. It is, therefore, critical to invest in a machine and some fresh beetroot veggie, which is in season all year round thus for athletes there’s no excuse for not grabbing some. There also exists bottled beet juice at the store shelves, which the user can sip directly or blend into a smoothie using an all-purpose juicing machine.


Honey is the natural product that provides one with great stamina for tackling any strenuous activity, including running. Taking honey before a workout provides “time-released fuel” that supplies athletes with regular blood sugar and insulin levels for a longer period. Additionally, honey is a natural sweetener that potentially enhances one’s power, speed, and persistence. People can choose to either take honey directly or mix it with snacks such as oatmeal.

Tart cherries

Tart cherries aid in relieving pain and help individuals to gain strength; something that an athlete require frequently.  One can use a juicing machine to prepare the cherry juice or take a placebo every day before going for the exercise. Tart cherries serve to give an athlete the required endurance for their daily routine. Although these fruits are not in the market all year round, they can be dried or frozen to be kept for future use.


Pomegranate boasts strong antioxidants that help in boosting memory and the functions of the brain in addition to helping the muscles to recover. Taking pomegranate juice every day as an athlete will also help in minimizing muscle soreness. Additionally, it makes the muscles strong, an important element for enhanced perseverance during workouts. This fruit is only accessible during the winter, but dried and frozen pomegranate is a viable option as well.

Watercress and watermelon

Watercress denotes a peppery green that belongs to the mustard family. It is well known for preventing wear and tear, which are common impacts of exercise. One can take it as a salad or whip it into a smoothie to combat DNA damage.

Similarly, taking watermelon before exercising assists in reducing muscle pain and increase water levels in the body. Watermelon has citrulline, a non-essential amino acid that helps with reducing blood pressure and enhancing the artery function. This fruit can be consumed while fresh, and the user should ensure to bite the white part where citrulline is concentrated.

Pea Protein

Pea protein powder is concentrated with amino acids that help in delaying weariness during exercise. The powder is rich in arginine that boosts the immune levels and lysine that enhances calcium absorption into the bloodstream. Lysine also prevents any loss of calcium thus maintaining strong bones. Just a scoop contains more than 25g of lean protein. This powder can be blended into a smoothie combined with almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon, and either dried berries or cherries.


Blueberries contain antioxidant properties that help in reducing swelling during exercise or after.  Also, consistent consumption of these berries will boost the athlete’s immunity. They serve to increase the level of natural killer cells in the body, which help in fighting diseases hence helping one to stay healthy. If the user cannot get the fresh blueberries, dried or frozen berries are also an ideal snack to keep in the gymnastic bag.

Exercising Frequently

Besides taking care of what they eat, an athlete shouldn’t overlook the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy and well-built body. To fully benefit from an exercise, it is recommended to do both cardio and strength training exercises. These are tasked with working the heart and keeping the body toned. Athletes also need to be flexible which is why they need to incorporate yoga exercises into their workout routine. These help with improving their flexibility and relaxing their mind. Most athletes enjoy yoga and confess that with the right poses, yoga can help with keeping the body and mind focused.

Most fruits contain minerals and vitamins that assist the body in fighting harmful substances. Also, engaging in strenuous workouts and yoga exercises help in stretching the body to enhance the athlete’s posture, strengthen their muscles and cultivate concentration.   Ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?” similarly, an athlete can be what they socialize thus they should hang out with fellow athletes whose goal is to attain a muscular and healthy body.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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