The 18-Minute Fitness Routine That Will Totally Change Your Physique

Most women today find that with their busy schedules, squeezing in the time to work out is next to impossible. Luckily fitness experts like Idalis Velazquez understand this issue all too well and have developed fitness programs specially designed for the busy body. Idalis Velazquez’s 18-minute fitness program was scientifically proven to burn fat and tone the body within the first few weeks of practice. The program called All in 18 is available in DVD format, but you can find several versions of the program online, including in Women’s Health magazine. The 18-minute routine, we will be describing here, combines high-intensity strength training with resistance bands. The routine is suitable for all shapes and sizes and target areas such as the thighs, butt, middle, and back of the arms – areas usually considered problematic. To start off, all you need is dumbbells, a mini band, and 18 minutes of your time.

1. Kickstand deadlift with a band

Stand with your feet slightly apart, place a mini band around your thighs and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Place your left foot back, supported on the toes. Now, keeping a straight back, bend slightly forward lowering your upper body until your weight reaches your knees and your glutes tighten. Reverse these movements to get back into your initial position and repeat on the other side. Do 12 reps to complete this exercise. The elastic band added to this fitness routine is especially important if you want maximum results because studies show that adding elastic bands to resistance training adds 30% of repetition maximum.


2. Squat Jack with band

Again, place a mini band around your thighs and stand shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back and bend your knees until you get into a squatting position. Keep this position and try jumping your legs as far apart as you can and jump again returning your feet to the initial position. Repeat these steps 12 times. This exercise will tone your thighs and butt but also burn a lot of calories. This is because squat jacks are considered both a cardio and strength training workout. When combined with a mini band, you get even more benefits. The exercise also does wonders for the pelvic floor muscles, even better than some Kegel exercise for men.

3. Plank push with dumbbells

You’re probably wondering how is it even possible to use dumbbells during a pushup, but being the expert that she is, Velazquez has found a way to incorporate dumbbells into this difficult exercise. Place a dumbbell near you and get into a pushup position, your hands below your shoulders. Slowly, lower your body onto your forearms and keep your core firm.

Push yourself up again, your hips parallel to the floor. With your left arm, take the dumbbell and place it on your left. Lower your body once again onto your forearms, push up again and place the dumbbell on your right. Again, repeat 12 times switching hands with each rep.

4. Curtsy with biceps curl and lateral lunge with dumbbells

This interesting exercise will tone your arms, core, buttocks, and thighs, making it a perfect exercise to address all issues at once. Stand straight, your feet slightly apart, elbows bent and a dumbbell in each hand. Place left leg behind your right leg and bend your knees to get into a curtsy position. Firm your core and bring your dumbbells up to your shoulders stepping your left leg straight to the left, bending your other knee until you get into a side lunge.  Place your left food into the initial position, repeat on other side and do this set 12 times.

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5. Plank walk with band

Place a mini band around your wrists and get into a pushup position. With your core firm, step your feet to your left and walk your hand forward as far as you can. Step your feet back into initial position and bring your left hand into initial position. Step your feet to your right and place your right hand forward.

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Get back into initial position again and repeat steps 12 times. Plank walks are the tough exercise, and this one especially requires a great deal of strength and coordination. Over time, you’ll notice your arms, shoulders, back, and the core is becoming stronger. The exercise improves bone health as well and is suitable for all types of arthritis.

6. Offset Reverse Lunge and Press

With your feet slightly apart, stand with your right hand holding a dumbbell and resting on your shoulder.  Your left arm should be out to your side. With your core firm, place your left leg behind you and start bending at your knees until you get into a lunge. Return your left foot in, slightly behind your right, and as you keep the dumbbell directly over you. Lower the dumbbell and bring your feet into initial position. Repeat these steps on other side and repeat as many reps as you feel comfortable for up to 30 seconds.

7. Two-plank Jack and one-star jump

This fun and invigorating exercise are the only one in this set that does not require any equipment. The exercise is also a fun way to end your workout session. Begin exercise in a pushup position with your hands just under your shoulders. Jump both legs out to your sides, then back in, then out again and lastly, jump your legs slightly forward. Jump as high as you can spreading your hands and legs apart to form a star. Get back into the pushup position once again and repeat steps as much as you can for up to 30 seconds.



This easy-to-follow exercise routine is perfect for women in need of an effective workout that they can incorporate into a busy schedule. The revolutionary 18-minute workout was developed by a leading fitness expert who also happens to be a mom and is backed up by science. By practicing this workout routine, three times a week for at least five weeks, you’ll notice your body noticeably transform, and your energy levels increase.

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