7 Fabulous Yoga Poses to Increase Your Testosterone

Boost Your Testosterone Levels

We all know that strength training boosts testosterone levels, but not everyone knows that gentle yoga can increase your testosterone as well. It might seem a bit surprising that gentle stretching, deep breathing, and meditation can have any effect on testosterone production. After all, testosterone is what we associate with stamina, aggression, and sex drive. But as numerous studies show, practicing yoga can influence neural mechanisms that control hormone production. In case you wondered what yoga poses work best in increasing testosterone levels, here are seven examples.

  1. The Cobra

The cobra pose is perfect for strengthening the spine, firming the buttocks, and opening the heart and lungs. The pose is also the best one to boost testosterone production as far as research is concerned. A study that was published in Human Physiology examined how holding this posture influenced hormone levels in healthy subjects. What the study found was that this pose lowered cortisol levels and caused a 16% increase in testosterone following just five minutes of holding the pose. So, if you need a quick testosterone boost, try holding this back-bending pose for a couple of minutes each day.

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  1. Full lotus

This historic yoga posture is best for meditation, but it also helps opens the hips and flex the joints. Other than that, this yoga is capable of correcting low testosterone. The posture was one of the many included in a study from the 1970s that examined the effects of 6 months of yoga training on hormonal status. At the end of the study, researchers observed a 56% increase in urinary testosterone levels in their test subjects. If you want to get into this pose, make sure to practice the butterfly pose and slowly work your way into sitting comfortably into this position. With time, your joints and muscle will adjust to the full lotus.

  1. Plow pose

The plow pose is a relaxing one that is once you get the hang of it. The pose is best for boosting mood, energy levels, and calmness. However, the cortisol-reducing and stress-relieving effect of this pose can also boost testosterone production. Researchers believe that any yoga pose that reduces stress also leads to a cascade of positive events in the body that lead to better hormonal balance. The plow pose is also easy to do. All you need to do is support your upper body on your shoulders while placing your feet in front of you. However, if you have neck problems, you may want to skip this pose as it does put a bit of a strain on the neck.

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  1. The locust pose

The locust pose is another back-bending yoga posture that researchers believe has a positive effect on prostate health. The prostate is an important organ for male reproductive health, and declining testosterone levels are known to affect prostate health. The locust may also be suitable for men with erectile dysfunction caused by declining testosterone levels. Although the pose appears simple, it does require quite a bit of core strength and shoulder flexibility. Those with severe back and neck problems should be cautious about doing this pose.

  1. Supine spinal twist

The supine spinal twist is a comfortable pose that perfectly complements back and forwards bending poses. The pose is known to relieve stress and stimulate internal and endocrine organs. To position yourself into the supine spinal twist, you need to bend one knee across the opposite foot while lying flat on the floor. The pose can boost testosterone production directly by stimulating endocrine organs or by simply relieving stress.

  1. Shoulder stand

The shoulder stand is not as difficult as it may seem. The pose requires some balance and a bit of support from your arms. Researchers believe that upside-down poses are especially beneficial for male reproductive health. If you have neck problems, simply hold a blanket or cushion underneath your shoulders while attempting this pose.

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  1. Wheel pose

This may be one of the most difficult poses listed here, and it takes the time to get the hang of it. The wheel pose stimulates reproductive organs and boosts energy levels. If you are a yoga beginner, you may not yet be flexible enough for this pose as the pose does require quite a bit of flexing to get it right. But flexibility does come with consistency and regular practice so, with time, you’ll surely master this pose for a testosterone boost.


While most people take up yoga for stress relief, for improving their flexibility, or for spiritual reasons, they may not be aware that hormonal balance is a side effect or regular yoga practice. Numerous studies have shown that yoga improves testosterone production via the same mechanisms as other more vigorous exercises. So, taking up yoga may be the best thing to do if you need a natural testosterone boost. And if all else fails, you can always try testosterone supplements like Spartagen XT to improve your testosterone levels.


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