Five Ways To Spot Fake Boobs

Breast Implants?

All men gotta accept one fact: WE ALL LOVE BREASTS! We all like boobs, let’s be honest and accept this! But here’s a thing: Do we all like natural boobies or we really like implants? Actually it doesn’t really matter! This post is about FIVE WAYS TO SPOT FAKE BOOBS.

As the summer begins to bring more and more scantily clad women outdoors, now is as good a time as ever for men to see breasts.

But when something is too good to be true, it’s simply that — too good to be true!

Men love breasts, and women are doing everything to meet them halfway, with all sorts of gimmicks and techniques—including implants — to come up with eyeful of perfect breasts.

Step foot on any beach this season and you’re bound to catch sight of at least one perfect* pair, nestled freely in a woman’s bikini with nary a sweater or parka to shield them from the world. (Did we mention again how much we love summer?)

But we designate perfect with an asterisk because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen women with breasts that are a little too textbook. According to stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 290,000 women had breast augmentations in 2013 alone—meaning there are plenty of silicon-stuffed twins out there just waiting for guys to debate their authenticity. 

Experts are saying, however, that if you are concerned about getting what you think you are seeing, there are ways to recognise fake breasts.

According to a renowned New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, who spoke with the online portal, menshealth, here’s how to tell if a woman’s breasts are not real… just by looking at them.


  • They’re too close to each other: Most women’s natural breasts have two to three inches of space in-between them, but implants shrink that gap significantly. So, if those breasts look like they are touching in the middle, they’re likely fake.

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  • They’re too high up: This is another dead giveaway. If those breasts are set too high on her chest, they may not be natural. Usually, natural breasts should sit right around where the armpits are, but a bad boob job when implants are placed in from the armpits can make the breasts ride up higher.

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  • Perfectly round shape: Natural breasts are shaped like pears or teardrops, but if the breasts look more like big, round melons, that’s a tell-tale sign they’re fake. That’s because unlike real breasts, which are naturally fuller on the bottom, implants are evenly distributed with silicon or saline from top to bottom, creating a perfectly round shape.

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  • You can spot scars: Plastic surgeons generally use four access points on the body to put in implants, all of which leave scars. They may do it through the belly button (look for a scar about half an inch up from it, toward the abdomen); the infra-mammary crease between the breasts and chest (leaving two symmetrical scars at the bottom of the breasts); around the nipples; and the armpits, where you have the most noticeable scars on either side. Be aware, however, that an incision on the belly button could be a point for other surgeries such as appendectomies.

  • You can hear sloshing: Women with saline implants — an alternative to silicon — will sometimes give off a “sloshing” sound when they move side to side. That’s probably the result of the surgeon filling up the implant once it was inside the woman’s breast. If the implant doesn’t fill up all the way with saline, it creates an air pocket, which is audible. It’s not something you’d notice on a woman walking down the street, but you can definitely hear it in an intimate setting. So, listen up.

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