Top 5 Fitness Giants on Instagram You Should Follow

Health and fitness is a topic that has stricken controversy over the past several years, showing up in traditional, online and now more prominently on social media. Feeds are constantly flooded with photos of training plans, amazing abs and workout videos, all compelling you to get off your couch and run into the sun. Lucky for most, this means that there’s plenty of help and inspiration whenever you are on the grind for a perfect beach body.

However, fitness does not always mean health – there’s so much more to feeling and looking great than just hitting the gym. Should you ever feel like you need a happy pick me up for your mind and body or just some extra motivation, here are the best Instagram accounts that you need to follow. It’s not exactly an immediate guarantee that you’ll work through your fitness problems, but what it does promise is to put pep in your step and a smile in your face in no time.


Meditation and yoga are great ways you can end your day. Besides, a little bit can go a long way when it comes to happiness and mental health. Sjana has some of the most ideal moves and travel pictures to get you mentally on an island oasis. The focus of almost all of her Instagram posts is on body and mind, which makes hers a pretty refreshing approach on both health and fitness. And she does few particular approaches to reach the large number of audiences.You can head up The Small Business Blog for all about the matters.


Jen Selter is one of the most famous nutrition, fitness and social media influencer with a standout booty as well as ab workouts. The New York-based beauty offers everything that can encourage followers to become part of her community and engage with other women on a more or less similar fitness journey.

There are thousands of women who post their workouts under the hashtag #seltering which is attributed to her. Her passion for fitness is the driving force behind motivating others to achieve their personal fitness goals through her workout plans. To ensure you look as fabulous as @jenselter while she’s working out, check out her fitness collection at @theperfectsculpt.


Being one of the biggest social media stars in the fitness industry by far, she has been able to garner fans that range from casual gym attendees to hardcore fitness enthusiasts. Her down-to-earth attitude pretty much makes her such an approachable resource in the field of health and fitness. This fitness model will not just motivate you with the short videos she posts on her Instagram page but also with two apps – Mealplan and Fitplan – both of which she created. Mealplan offers healthy recipes while Fitplan works as a personal trainer – a combination that ensures nothing stands in your way if you want to get in shape.


Seeking an advanced full body and strength workout? Then this might be the best mentor to follow. Born and raised in the South of California, Ana Cheri is not only a fitness influencer but also a model and actress. She is known for her fierce Instagram posts that are usually geared towards inspiring and motivating both her followers and anyone who visits her page in achieving their fitness goals. In addition to her daily meal plans and workout videos, she also puts focus on such topics as body positivity, stress release and mindfulness. In addition to this, she runs a blog that covers everything related to lifestyle, beauty, nutrition, health and fitness.


Ulisses Junior is among the most sought after body composition and body building coaches with a huge Instagram following. Any fitness addict has probably heard of this icon. He is mostly famous for his multiple victories in the World Pro and MusclemaniaSuperBody Pro championships. At the moment, he does not only inspire thousands of people with his online workout programs and incredible body but also insists on setting realistic fitness goals. The opinions he has on training protocols, diet and nutrition are widely recognized throughout the industry.

Closing Remarks

Are you looking for new challenging moves that you can add to your fitness routine? Look no further than these amazing fitness influencers. Be it celebrity trainers or pro runners, the above are some of the best Instagram giants to count on for fitness motivation. They will definitely inspire your next sweat season by sharing the best new running shoes or even their favorite hit moves.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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