This Is Why You Should Wear Proper Shoes While Working Out

Proper shoes when working out are really important

Wearing the right athletic shoe is essential whether you get in your exercise by jogging, walking, going to the gym, using exercise machines, or playing recreational sports. The last thing you want holding you back as you try to stay fit and lose weight is an injury from the wearing the wrong shoes. In addition to enhancing your performance and improving comfort, here are some reasons why investing in high quality footwear can help protect your feet and ankles from injury and other types of damage:

Types of Athletic Shoes

With so many types of athletic shoes on the market today, you can find the right shoe for nearly any fitness activity. Here are a few of the more common types of exercise and sports shoes you’ll likely consider.

Hitting the pavement for some exercise requires different shoes depending on how fast you plan to move. For jogging, try running shoes with built-in shock absorbers. For walking, go for a pair of walking shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. Aerobic shoes blend a lightweight design with features to absorb shock to provide ample support to the ball of your feet. This helps reduce any fatigue from the pressure of aerobic exercise.


If you play a specific sport, you’ll need to find the right shoes for the job. To protect your feet from the side-to-side movements of tennis, look for flexible soles when buying tennis shoes. For basketball, you’ll want a pair of high tops with thick soles to provide additional protection from ankle injuries and foot damage that result from jumping. If you do many different types of exercise activities and sports, consider opting for cross-training shoes.

How to Choose the Right Shoes

It’s suggested that you choose athletic footwear based on the type of physical activity you are doing. Take note of what type of exercise you prefer to do and make sure that you have the right shoes to support your workout routine. Some features to look for across all types of sports shoes include soles that won’t slip, adequate heel support, a cushion for your arch, and plenty of space for your toes.

It is best to try on shoes in the evening or following your workout because your feet are biggest then. Make sure to bring good athletic socks so you know the shoes will fit well when you go to exercise. Stand up and walk around a little to make sure that there is a half of an inch of space from your big toe to the tip of the shoe. Wiggle your toes just to be safe. Finally, bend the shoes to check for flexibility and stability. If it bends too easily, the shoe might not be supportive enough.

Advantages of Proper Footwear

When you choose the right type of shoe, you are protecting your feet and ankles from injuries typically associated with exercise. The proper footwear cushions your foot as you exercise and eases the pressure from your step. In addition to physical health considerations, purchasing a shoe that is specific to an exercise or sport can enhance your performance and make it easier for you to be agile when needed.

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Preventing Foot Damage & Injury

Wearing inappropriate shoes can actually lead to injury and damage. In addition to typical injuries such as ankle sprains, foot fractures, bunions, and corns, the wrong footwear can degenerate your feet and ankles.

This eventually may lead to osteoarthritis and other conditions. Fortunately, wearing the appropriate footwear for every activity can prevent injury and damage. Try shopping at a smaller retail stores with lower prices so you can take advantage of the array of options to support every fitness activity you do.

How to Know It’s Time For New Shoes

When your athletic shoes are worn out, your feet are not receiving enough support during your exercise routine–making it time to replace your sports shoes. In general, your midsoles will be worn out after running or walking 300-500 miles and after playing basketball, tennis or doing aerobics for 45-60 hours.

You should also look for visible signs of unevenness by placing the shoe on a flat surface. Check the midsoles of your shoes for any creasing as this is a clear indication that you need to replace your sports shoes.

Pricey but Worth it

Many people put off buying new running shoes so they don’t have to spend a ton of money. It is suggested that you can have two pairs of shoes and rotate them–that way, both pairs will last you longer.

When it comes to brands, stick with ones you know and trust. Brands like Nike and adidas are known for supportive shoes for any sort of occasion–these may be good brands to stick with if you like them already.

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Replacing your shoes should be take seriously, for lack of it can lead to lifelong problems. By taking these reasons into consideration, you should be wearing proper workout shoes and replacing them when necessary in no time.

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