10 Natural Remedies for Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

Get Rid Of Man Boobs Naturally

Gynecomastia can affect any man, in any life circumstances. Every one of us, under the right conditions, can develop the condition disparagingly known as man-boobs.

Gynecomastia is an excess in development of male breast tissue, and can be brought on by a number of factors. These factors can include hormonal imbalance, dietary imbalance, or exercise imbalance.

So, what can be done about it?

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The nagging truth is that once our bodies develop fat cells, which is largely what breast tissue is composed of, it is very difficult to get rid of them. This means that the most common recourse is unfortunately the surgical one. An experienced plastic surgeon is required to correct this kind of breast development in many cases. This kind of surgery is not inexpensive, requires significant recovery time due to how important the pectoral muscles are to our daily lives, and almost always comes with some degree of scars.

Fortunately, there are a number of all-natural, non-surgical approaches you can take to limit the incidence of gynecomastia in your own body.

1 – Accept that this is a common condition

This might seem like an obvious statement, but it is important to understand that gynecomastia is extremely common. According to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, up to half of all men can present symptoms of man boobs. Denial about what is happening can inhibit treatment, so read that article and understand you’re in common company, and that others have been there too.

2 – Consult with a doctor regarding your hormone balance

I understand what you might say here. Doctors prescribe drugs, drugs aren’t natural! However, hear me out.

A hormonal imbalance is a medical condition in your body, and may be caused by an underlying issue that needs a particular treatment. A doctor will understand your body’s physiology, and can help you identify conclusively if your gynecomastia is a result of a hormonal imbalance. A doctor can determine if your symptoms are a side effect of a particular course of medication, or an underlying medical condition. In such cases, it is possible for gynecomastia to reverse itself simply by changing your treatment. If you suspect your man boobs are the result of a course of treatment, discuss it with your physician and you may be surprised at how easily the matter is addressed.

3 – Consider hormone balancing supplements

Crazy Bulk has evidence that legal steroid alternatives work for a number of conditions, including an alternative specifically geared to gynecomastia. Gynectrol is a particular supplement geared to men with this condition. It helps the body naturally regulate the conversion from testosterone to estrogen, reducing the body’s overproduction of the female hormone. This can help the body combat the development of breast tissue common to gynecomastia.

4 – Reduce Fatty Food Intake

The body loves to get energy and hold onto it, and fatty cells in many meats and other foods have a lot of energy for your body to use. Reduce the amount of fat you take in, so that your body doesn’t have such an over-abundant source of calories to turn into its own fat cells.

5 – Reduce Sugar Intake

Right up there with fat, the body thinks sugar is the best thing ever. Our bodies haven’t caught on to the fact we aren’t being hunted by predators in a starvation economy anymore, so they save all the energy they can. Cut down on your sugar intake for an easy way to prevent the body from pushing up that excess fat to your chest.

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6 – Burn Fat With Cardio

Increase your exercise routine to include more cardiovascular exercise. Burning fat cells takes work, and a good jog, swim, or even a brisk walk is a good way to get the body to do it.

7 – Supplement With Fat Burning Formulas

In addition to Gynectrol, Crazy Bulk for example offers a variety of cutting supplements that can help increase the body’s metabolic response, giving you the edge you need to increase the rate at which your body burns fat cells.

8 – Work on developing those chest muscles

Your breasts sit atop two of the larger muscles in the human body, the pectoral is major. Get to know the bench press, pushup, and curling exercises to build your chest muscles. This will spread out the skin and fat tissues of your chest, distributing things more evenly so that the moob appearance will be minimized.

9 – Eat Lean To Look Lean

You don’t have to switch entirely over to rabbit food in order to combat gynecomastia, but dietary improvements can go a long way to improving your body’s appearance in general. As you eliminate sources of fat and sugar, replace them with leaner alternatives. Substitute chicken for steak, and replace sugary drinks with increased water intake.

10 – Get a Support Buddy

This might not sound like a remedy in the traditional sense, but having someone who understands and can encourage you to stick to the life changes you’re making can work wonders. Every other step on here is based on the idea of willpower – sticking to the commitment to changing and shaping your body. Get help with it where you can, and the experience will be much easier. Friendship is all natural too.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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