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Use these tricks to avoid chafing of the upper thighs

Hot or cold, these tricks will do!

It’s not exactly a popular theme among friends and acquaintances yet so many people are affected by it. Chafing of the inner thighs is the matter at stake here. It’s a problem that doesn’t only affect women or people who are overweight, as some might like to think. Even an unfavorable positioning of the legs can lead to this phenomenon, which often results in sore redness or skin irritation and creates a burning sensation. When this happens, wearing skirts and bikinis can often be a nightmare. This problem is even more of a nuisance in summer, and can really bring you down. But there is some good news! We have some useful tips and tricks to tackle this problem and soothe those burning sores.

1. Use shorts instead of skirts

Wear shorts instead of skirts and dresses. Sure, it can be quite a nice feeling when a fresh summer breeze blows between your legs when wearing a skirt. It also looks great. And yet wearing skirts doesn’t help chafing one bit. In fact, it allows the legs to rub against each other more easily because they are completely unprotected when you wear skirts or dresses. Whoever wears shorts, however, has a layer of fabric in precisely the right spot, where the upper legs rub together when walking. So this is one way to easily avoid chafing of the skin. And, let’s face it, shorts can also be a real eye-catcher!


2. Cycling shorts or bandelettes

Whoever doesn’t want to give up wearing skirts or dresses altogether can still employ a few other tricks. Namely, by simply wearing tight-fitting cycling shorts underneath your skirt. Depending on the skirt length, it won’t be visible from the outside. And yet you get to enjoy a protective fabric layer on your thighs. A very similar effect can be achieved by wearing a so-called bandelette. This is an anti-chafing thigh band, like a garter, which can actually be quite pretty in itself.

3. Diaper rash cream

Frankly, the advice may sound a bit strange at first, but it is invaluable. Just rub a bit of commercially available baby diaper cream on the insides of your thighs. The zinc-containing cream has an antibacterial effect and forms a protective layer on the affected area. This works to prevent skin irritation on the legs.


To prevent excessive perspiration on your thighs, you can also apply deodorant on the insides of your upper legs. If sweating is reduced, your legs won’t chafe as much.

5Coconut oil

A similar antibacterial, sweat-reducing effect can be achieved by applying coconut oil. Simply rub it evenly over the inner thighs. It smells wonderful and also makes your skin nice and supple.

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6. Baby powder

To prevent excessive sweating, you can also resort to using baby powder. It keeps the skin area dry and prevents it from rubbing together. To make sure it’s effective throughout the day, you should apply more powder every few hours, carefully and sparingly as needed.

7. Aloe vera

You can create your very own protective film by mixing 1/4 cup of green tea, a bit of lavender oil and some aloe vera plant gel all together. Apply the mixture to the inner thighs and spread evenly.

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As you can see, you can prevent painful chafing of the thighs by adopting a number of clever tricks. Now nothing can stand in the way of you enjoying your summer to the fullest!

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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