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Do This Complete 6 Days Workout Routine To Change Your Body Dramatically

Try This 6 Days Training Schedule For Great Results

When it comes out to building muscles and stay in shape, the internet is buzzing with lots of workout schedules. Even here on my website you will fiind lots of them. But I am pretty sure that this 5 days workout routine. This is mostly for men, but girls who lift can do it too.


There are plenty of different suggestions  that are overwhelming your head and your mind. It is always the same question. What workout routine should I follow or which one should be the next after the one I am on right now? I will give you some reasons why a 6 day workout routine must be a part of your annual training schedule.

In the first place, we have to make it clear that you have to alter your workout routine after 8 to 12 weeks the most. Try to divide the year into 8 to 12 week periods and set a workout routine for each period. That doesn’t mean that you should follow a different routine for each and every one of the periods I mentioned above. You can repeat a workout routine after a certain period of time.

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For example, if your goal is to define your muscles, then a 4 day workout routine with 2 body parts for each workout day is fine. If you wish to build your strength even a 3 day routine will do it. At the begging of the season, as I have written in a previous article, cardio exercise must be your first priority. However, when it comes on gaining muscle volume my best suggestion for you is doing the 6 day workout routine where each body part gets its own workout day. Devoting the whole training for a single muscle part will allow maximum blood stream to it and therefore, maximum growth.

Myself, I would begin on Monday with my chest, Tuesday – Arms , Wednesday- Shoulders (Super-sets), Thursday-legs  and finally on Friday, I would work on my Back. You can do your abs training on Saturday and rest on Sunday.

Should you choose to follow this 6 day workout routine you have to keep in mind two important things: a) as you can understand this is heavy workout routine. So, don’t exceed the 8 week limit in order to avoid muscle over training and b)Prior this routine, work on your strength training for a couple of months. The results will be even greater!

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Here is my favorite 5 day workout routine:

Incline Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Incline Dumbbell Press 6-8 Reps, Peck Deck 6-8 Reps and Cable Crossovers 6-8 Reps.

Close Grip Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Skull Crushers 6-8 Reps, Cable Pull down 6-8 Reps, Alternate Dumbbell Curl 6-8 Reps, Barbell Curl 8-6 Reps and Concentration Curl 8-6 Reps. Perform these exercises as Super-Sets.

Seated Barbell Press 6 -8 Reps, Seated Dumbbell Press 6-8 Reps, Lateral Dumbbell Raise 6-8 Reps and Reverse Peck Deck 6-8 Reps.

Leg Extensions 6-8 Reps, Leg Curls 6-8 Reps, Squats 6-8 Reps, Leg Press 6-8 Reps and Stiff Legged Dead lift 6-8 Reps.

Lat Pull Downs 6-8 Reps, Dumbbell Row 6-8 Reps, Bent Barbell Rows 6-8 Reps, Barbell Dead lifts 6-8 Reps and Close Grip Pull down 6-8 Reps.

Saturday Abdominals.

Sunday Rest.

Keep those muscles pumping! Try this routine and share it with your friends!

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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